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Tom can help you with a wide range of service's to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular service's are shown below. Please contact me  for more information on service I can provide.

-Home Maintenance
Call Tom for all your home maintenance service needs. I handle home maintenance, so you can spend time on what matters.
Beautiful , well-maintained kitchens add a lot of value to your home
Tom can keep this important room looking its best through major and minor repairs
-Drywall Service
Tom offers professional drywall service and can repair or install new drywall
Decorative touches to your home ad value . Tom helps install crown molding or make home repairs that add a finished , well-decorated look.
-Door Installation
Main entryways add curb appeal as well as protection for homeowners.
Tom's service range from installing an exterior door or painting it .
 Install or repair siding
Even minor window repairs can make a big difference on your home's heating costs.
Whether you need seasonal painting touch ups or more extensive painting work,
Tom can help.
Tom can help keep your flooring in great condition through major and minor repair work , or by installing a new floor.
Tom can install new tile or repair tile in many areas of your home .
Tom can install many of the wood finishing details that make your home more valuable, and extend the life of existing , quality crafted carpentry through minor repairs. Tom can help add a shed or a gazebo to your property.
-Garage or Boathouse
Tom helps organize,clean , repair your garage or boathouse.
-Decks and Docks
Tom can seal , paint , power wash , sand , clean ,or fix your deck or dock .
Tom can help with a lot of the outdoor home repairs and installations that you just don't have time to do.
-Odd Jobs
Save time by letting Tom help with a variety of odd jobs around the house.
-Brick and Concrete
if you need concrete floor repair or you need some brick work ,Tom can help you .
-Cottage service
Tom is located in the middle of  Crane and Blackstone lake , Otter lake , Ranking lake  , if you need any cottage service , open up, winterizing  or  repairs .
You need to replace your dock , Tom can help.
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